Four Microsoft executives get into a car… [Video]

Four Microsoft executives get into a car… [Video]

Microsoft is a company that has over $50 billion in cash, so its executives have a bit of leeway in terms of their, ahem, special projects.

Behold a video that Microsoft put together to thrill its employees that must have cost a fortune, as it involves a number of helicopter shots. Then again, to rally the troops, damn the cost, right?

The clip is as funny as a corporate video can be, with a slew of inside jokes that you may or may not get. I’ll help you with the iPhone moment. If you go to a Microsoft campus (especially its Redmond HQ), and pull out an iPhone, you had best be a visitor. Employees that use iPhones are insta-pariahs. It’s a shockingly united culture. Even funnier, Microsoft’s external PR firms’ employees that work on MSFT projects use Windows Phone handsets as well. All of them.

Hey, that can’t hurt sales, right? The clip is obviously meant for an internal consumption, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a chuckle at the expense of a few ‘Softies.

Watch the clip, have a grin, and then let’s get back to the real news.

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