Right on schedule, Microsoft releases MDOP 2011 R2

Right on schedule, Microsoft releases MDOP 2011 R2

If you are reading this story, I assume that such enterprise matters interest you, so I will not attempt to toss a veneer of excitement across this post; if you don’t care, I can’t save it anyways, and if you do care, then no humor is needed.

Today Microsoft made available MDOP 2011 R2. The company had previously promised to release the software in August of this year, and was apparently so intent on making good on that promise that it released the code on the very first day of the month.

Better almost early than late, I suppose.

MDOP, just in case you didn’t know (though I don’t suspect you would have read this far without knowing), stands for the “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack,” a bevy of tools that help “improve compatibility and management, reduce support costs, increase asset management and improve policy control.”

In other words, MDOP is a set of software wrenches that help run computers at a company smoother, and at a lower per unit cost.

New features in MDOP 2011 R2 include: Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring, Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) 7.0, and Microsoft Asset Inventory Service (AIS) 2.0.

If this release relates to you, here are the release details, via Microsoft:

MDOP 2011 R2 is now available for download from the Microsoft Volume Licensing site. Customers who do not have access to the Volume Licensing site have the option to download it from TechNet or MSDN and Windows Intune customers have access to MDOP as an addition to their subscription.

TNWmicrosoft plans to continue its increased level of enterprise coverage, but it will not do so without sufficient self-effacing guffaws. More as it comes.

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