Latest WP7 Mango build allows for music streaming from SkyDrive

Latest WP7 Mango build allows for music streaming from SkyDrive

Microsoft’s process of slowly giving new Mango builds to Windows Phone developers seems to be having the desired effect: As new features are released, they are discovered, and crowed over.

Today a new tidbit that came in the 7712 build is making the rounds: The ability to stream music from one’s SkyDrive account directly to a Mangoed phone. Now, the interface is not slick, in fact it’s quite clunky, but it is a very interesting feature, as it allows any person with music in their cloud storage account to never leave it behind.

The way that it is designed makes it almost feel like an afterthought, but it certainly has potential. Check it out in action:

What is interesting, or frustrating depending on your perspective, is that Microsoft has released the final Mango build to manufacturers, but refuses to let developers have it. Instead, it handed out 7712. Why? It is likely that the development toolkits are simply not quite ready for that final build.

For now, 7712 is the name of the game, and it is likely that there is another gem or two that is waiting to be uncovered. As 7712 came out just days ago, it should be at least a week until we see the RTM build out for public dissection. When that happens, expect every Windows Phone developer to call in sick.

Does Microsoft have any big surprises in waiting?

Update: Video works as well!

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