Microsoft subjected to most vulnerability exploits in Q2: Report

Microsoft subjected to most vulnerability exploits in Q2: Report

Network antivirus and internet content security software provider Trend Micro has released its quarterly threat roundup (PDF) of the most dangerous threats to mobile and computer security, highlighting that in the second quarter, Microsoft was the top vendor target with 96 attacks.

The new report saw Apple – which was the top vendor target in the first quarter – slip from the top ten, despite the fact the Cupertino-based company’s products have continued to dominate headlines. However, Windows users still outnumber those of Mac users, resulting in a rise in targeted attacks on the platform between April and June.

Google and Adobe placed second and third places in the second quarter, maintaining the same position from the previous quarter with 65 and 62 attacks respectively. It is thought that Google’s suite of search tools and Android applications account for its high tally, with Adobe’s notorious Flash software accounting for many of attacks on the software provider.

In January, Trend Micro recorded 396 attacks on vendors with the number of exploit attacks dropping ever since, with a total of 294 attacks logged in June. The anti-virus provider suggests the trend may continue, with vendors reporting less attacks over the next six months.

HP, Oracle, IBM, Mozilla, Linux, Cisco and Sun made up the rest of the top ten vendors.

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