This is what a waterproof Windows Phone 7 handset looks like

This is what a waterproof Windows Phone 7 handset looks like

While Microsoft is busy trying to wow and court their partners, the rest of the technology world is parsing their speeches and staring at their demonstrations, looking for fresh hints as to what the Redmond giant has in store.

Earlier today we brought you the news of several new Windows Phone 7 handsets that were shown off at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference, the obvious jewel of which was the Samsung handset that was held aloft.

But buried among the three other phones was a waterproof Fujitsu handset: all pink, and all new. WMPowerUser tramped through the video footage and snapped screenshots of its every appearance to get a better look at the phone. Enjoy:

The poor image quality is sadly unavoidable as these shots were pulled from the video, and thus had to be scaled up in size from a somewhat low bitrate clip.

What do these images show us? That there is no front facing camera in the device, and as this handset is designed for Mango, its exclusion is telling. Also, the camera on the unit seems to be larger than what is normal, perhaps due to its status as waterproof, and perhaps due to the phone having a higher-than-average shot quality.

The image source has this to say about the phone’s screen: “The screen appears relatively small, possible between 3.8-4 inches, and from the black levels appear to be LCD rather than AMOLED.” We’ll let you decide whether or not that seems reasonable.

Sound off in the comments: Is a pink cellphone that you can take in the shower for you?

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