Microsoft wants you to discover iPhone apps through Bing

Microsoft wants you to discover iPhone apps through Bing

Microsoft has rolled out a couple of nifty updates to its search engine, Bing which can help you discover iPhone apps.

Some of the features this update include:

Auto app discovery: Using this feature, you can discover iPhone apps when you search for normal web queries. That is, if you search for Thor 3D, Facebook or Hotels in Seattle, you will get the respective iPhone apps in search results.

Explicit App Search: You can find apps by searching for the app name or any specific genre. That is, you can search for News apps to find out various apps such as CNN and FOX News that are available in the App Store.

Deep Launch into Apps: Finally, Bing now has the ability to fire up apps that have been installed on your iPhone, directly from the app search results, provided the app developer has enabled the launch functionality. According to Microsoft, around 50+ Apps such as Yelp, Facebook and IMDb already sport this feature.  Additionally, some of these apps offer deep launching with context i.e. if you are searching for “The Social Network”, you can directly fire up the IMDb app from Bing and view search results of that query in IMDb app.

If you’d like to try the service out right now, just fire up the Bing iPhone app or head over to on your iPhone app.

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