Guy manages to build Tetris using only WP7 Live Tiles

Guy manages to build Tetris using only WP7 Live Tiles

The week is winding down towards a holiday weekend, so we are trying to write a few light items to keep you smiling.

Today, a game. You know those little multicolored square on the Windows Phone 7 home screen? Those are ‘Live Tiles,’ small pieces of screen real estate that can update with new information. You know what comes next: innovative development to re-purpose that part of WP7 technology in a new and fun way.

Rudy Huyn, our new favorite developer, took the time to hack up a working version of the iconic Tetris, all using the home screen of Windows Phone 7. It’s this sort of hacking that Microsoft is working to foster, as the publicity that such acts of coding generates helps to grow developer interest in the platform.

Now, enjoy the clip:

What is very interesting, is how just a day ago the app was far more kludgy. Check it out:

If that is the difference that one day can make, what might be down the road may be even more interesting.

Of course, this sort of app will not be a consumer hit, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it. What do you think, is this cool, or merely a lame hack?

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