New Microsoft cartoon pushes the ‘consumerization’ of IT

New Microsoft cartoon pushes the ‘consumerization’ of IT

What do you do if the business sector that you try to control is in need of an update? If you are Microsoft looking at the world of enterprise IT, you try to give the end-user what they want, regardless of what their masters may say.

What Microsoft has decided to push is the flexibility of the modern worker, to, in the company’s words: “work anywhere—at home, in the office, [even] on the road.” This new bent by the Redmond software giant is part of their push for the ‘consumerization’ of enterprise IT, a section of the business world in which the company is loath to budge even a percent of market share.

To help become a thought leader in the ‘work 2.0’ age of worker independence through technology, Microsoft put together several videos outlining what if deems to be the future role of IT denizens:

Does this move by Microsoft sound funny? If so, you are behind. Microsoft is pushing consumer-facing products all over the enterprise, including social media in Office, among other efforts.

In a rapidly changing world, Microsoft seems to have selected the direction that it guesses to be the most potentially lucrative and technology-forward. We somewhat agree. Customization on a personal level, this ‘consumerization,’ makes great sense for the end-user, the employee. But the implicit idea that IT workers are going to lift a finger to make it happen is a bit presumptuous, all cartoons aside. And the claim that this level of personalization and distributed data is safe? Try selling that, we dare you.

So yes, Microsoft might have the right idea, but their push might be a bit too early to catch on. If it is your fancy, you can read the company’s copy on the matter here.

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