IE9 fails to stem Internet Explorer market share declines

IE9 fails to stem Internet Explorer market share declines

Internet Explorer lost market share in April according to NetMarketShare, continuing a lengthy decline. Total share for all versions of Internet Explorer comprised some 55.11% of the market in April.

That figure was a decline from the previous month’s 55.92% market share.

Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer 9, was released in the middle of March. Despite garnering positive reviews, and launching without any significant hitches, according to the NetMarketShare numbers, even IE9 could not stem the erosion of IE market share.

IE9 grew to control 2.41% of the market at the end of April, a large jump from its roughly 1% figure that it posted in March. Firefox also declined during the month, shedding a fraction of a percent of total market share. Chrome and Safari posted gains.

Analytics company Clicky has slightly different numbers on file, but they point in the same direction. According to Clicky, IE9 is on the rise, IE is slowly falling, and Chrome is growing insatiably.

It seems that as the sales of machines running OS X grow, Safari is set to continue its momentum. And while Chrome eats Firefox’s lunch, it will be the truly ascendant browser.

Microsoft is currently in the process of moving Windows users over to Internet Explorer 9, a process that will culminate in June. The company has provided a tool that will allow administrators to block the upgrade.

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