Microsoft updates NoDo schedule for more carriers

Microsoft updates NoDo schedule for more carriers

TNW Quick Hit:

In case you had forgotten, Microsoft is still working to shift the NoDo (and even pre-NoDo) update around the world to all owners of WP7 devices. To some, the delays at this point must seem almost comical.

The good news is that for customers of the Optus and Deutsche Telekom networks, and any AT&T customer in the US who owns an HTC Surround, NoDo (and the pre-NoDo update if needed), are on the way. According to a recent Microsoft blog post, the updates for those carriers are “Scheduling,” meaning that they will be delivered in under 10 days. Welcome to the promised land, my friends.

Of course, users who forced an update to NoDo are still pretty much dead in the water, but that is neither here nor there.

Microsoft is, again, quite sorry: “We understand there’s still more to do. We’re not resting until we get this done globally.” If users are still listening to that without a sarcastic frown is unknown. And don’t forget, there is yet another WP7 update in the pipes to help cover a small security issue.

Let’s be realistic – we all want Mango, right?

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