Windows 8’s Black Screen of Death in action [Video]

Windows 8’s Black Screen of Death in action [Video]

TNW Quick Hit:

Little did we know this morning that today was set to be the day of Windows 8 stories.

Windows 8 currently features a new screen of doom: the Black Screen of Death. Happily, as it shares the first letter of the first word of the old-school Blue Screen of Death, the famous acronym ‘BSoD’ can be maintained.

The Black Screen might become the bane of all PC users come the launch of Windows 8, and we now have it on video. An industrious tipster published a clip of his Windows 8 running computer suffering from a BSoD, have a watch:

According to WinRumors: “The switch to a Black Screen of Death could be a temporary one, similar to the switch in Longhorn build 5112. Microsoft has only ever used a Black Screen of Death in Windows 3.x when DOS-based applications failed to execute correctly.” We are looking into whether or not Microsoft intends to keep the black background, or revert to the standard blue.

In other news today we took issue with the way that the ‘immersive’ elements of Windows 8 are shaping up, and a new build of Windows 8 is leaking across the internet.

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