Microsoft: WP7 updates release far quicker than Android’s

Microsoft: WP7 updates release far quicker than Android’s

TNW Quick Hit:

Sure, NoDo has taken ages to finally make it to the Windows Phone 7 handsets of the world, but according to Microsoft the delays that it has suffered from are nothing compared to what Android users are put through.

The following slide, from a deck that outlines developer features in the NoDo update, shows, what from Microsoft’s vantage point is a fair apples to apples mobile OS update comparison:

Now, this is sure to spark off more comment flames around the blogosphere than anything in recent memory, so try to keep your lid on. We are not validating this chart as fair, or balanced, but it is a point for discussion.

What is the cause of such lengthy delays in the travel from developer to consumer of Froyo; is it fragmentation, or something else?

Sign off in the comments as to whether you find this chart fair or not, and why either way. In our opinion, even if Android is slower, the NoDo delays have been inexcusable given how thin the update really is.

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