The undocumented NoDo upgrades and tweaks

The undocumented NoDo upgrades and tweaks

For the Windows Phone using population of the United States, today is an important day. Across the country tens of thousands of WP handsets are finally being ushered into the promised land of NoDo.

Everyone knows the main elements of NoDo: faster app launching, Marketplace search and copy/paste support. But what about the changes that are off the record? They have the potential to be as useful, on a day-to-day basis, as the three big, announced upgrades.

Our friends at WMPowerUser crowdsourced the task of ferreting out the undocumented changes to their readers, and we are bringing you their responses. When put the question of “are there any bug fixes or Easter Eggs that you’ve found that Microsoft has never announced,” this is what users reported:

  • When listening to a playlist while browsing, if a YouTube video is loaded, your music will be paused. However, with NoDo, the playlist will re-load after YouTube has been closed to allow you to get back into the music, saving time and avoiding the need for it to be manually reset.
  • A new option in contact picture settings that allows for the image to be set from a social network, or from an album.
  • According to some, the anti-shaking camera option on the Focus is now being defaulted to ON, and not OFF.
  • One German user claims that jumplists for both music and video are now functional.
  • GAL now works for Exchange 2003.
  • You can now swipe left and right on text bars/menus to move through a perhaps long URL or message. This is much faster than the previous method.

We will be updating this piece as we learn more. Our WP handsets are being upgraded as we speak.

Please sound off in the comments with your own discoveries.

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