Windows 8 to contain push notifications

Windows 8 to contain push notifications

The Windows 8 leaks continue to bubble to the surface, now aided greatly by the full leak of a Windows 8 build to the general public. Chief among the most recently teased out revelations is the fact that Windows 8 will include the power to employ push notifications.

If you were curious as to what Microsoft’s tablet strategy for the future will be, it appears that you need to look no further than Windows 8. It seems that every newly discovered feature that we uncover has a tablet taste to it.

Push notifications, if you were not aware, are small informational updates that are ‘pushed’ to the front of whatever application the user is currently using, even if the update is not from that app. They are most popular on mobile phones and tablets as ways to keep users informed requiring the user to exit their current app to be informed. That they will be included in Window 8 strongly suggests that the OS is being designed with a tablet future in mind.

Other recent turn-ups include the following: an application for webcam capture, and several references to tiles and pop-up toasts. Finally, we have two images to bring you. The first shows off iconography that again points to the ‘Metro’ design ethos taking center stage on Windows 8:

We also have a shot of the capability of the Enterprise version of Windows 8 to create ‘Portable Workspaces,’ which are USB drives that can run Windows 8:

That is all the Windows 8 we have for you today, but expect another strong dose come Monday.

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