The Windows 8 logon process in all its glory [Video]

The Windows 8 logon process in all its glory [Video]

TNW Quick Hit:

In our continuing coverage of Windows 8 we have kept our eyes peeled for more than potentially faked screenshots. In that vein we are happy today to have found a rather extensive video that details the Windows 8 logon process. The build in the video is 7955, in case you were curious.

Takeaways? Windows 8’s new elements do borrow from the Metro design ethos that Microsoft currently uses across its Zune and Windows Phone 7 lines. Also, it is simple to see how the new Windows 8 design features would be simpler to use on a tablet than Windows 7’s similar parts.

Large squares, buttons in new places, and bigger fonts make the entire feel of the OS both more WP7 infused and of course, tablet friendly. Don’t forget that a full build of Windows 8 has leaked, and so if you know of a place where you might find such a thing, you probably can. You can see all our previous coverage of Windows 8 here.

Now, enjoy the clip, it’s under three minutes:

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