Microsoft demos Spotify on Windows Phone 7 [Video]

Microsoft demos Spotify on Windows Phone 7 [Video]

TNW Quick Hit:

News continues to spill out of the MIX11 event, including the announcement that popular European music service Spotify is coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform in the fall in conjunction with the ‘Mango’ update.

WinRumors managed to secure a video of the demo that Microsoft executed, which we have embedded below:

Of course, Spotify is not yet available in the US unless one manages to secure a press invite, but that Microsoft is managing to bring such high level partners on board certainly speaks well about their nascent mobile project.

Skype will also be making the leap into the world of WP7 this fall. It seems, watching the event unfold, that Microsoft is finding that with the features it is building for Mango, that convincing large brands to develop for the platform is becoming easier. Of course, it is still months and months until we will enjoy Mango in the wild, but the future for WP7 looks bright.

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