Microsoft thanks WP7 developers with cube of icons

Microsoft thanks WP7 developers with cube of icons

Everyone and their dog knows that a mobile platform is dead in the water these days if it lacks third-party developer support. Why? Because consumers now expect that there be myriad applications for their selection and employment on any serious handset line.

Microsoft has been pressing hard to grow the WP7 developer pool since the phone line came out last year, and has done so with some success. At last count, there were more than 13,000 WP7 applications.

To celebrate the developers who have done all the leg work, at this year’s MIX event Microsoft wallpapered a cube with the icons of thousands of apps built for the platform. Long Zheng from iStartedSomething was on hand and took pictures of the contraption. Enjoy:

As you can see, the message that Microsoft is pushing is “Thank You Developers.” Indeed. WP7 would be dead in the water if not for thousands of intrepid coders who took the plunge on a new, unproven platform.

Tomorrow at MIX there will be a plethora of Windows Phone sessions which should shake free new fruit from the tree of knowledge. We will bring it to you as it comes, stay tuned.

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