Coming in Windows 8: SmartScreen file checking

Coming in Windows 8: SmartScreen file checking

It would not be a good day in the world of Microsoft if we did not bring you at least one Windows 8 leak, and the one that we have dredged up for today is a corker.

If you are familiar with either Internet Explorer or Windows Live Messenger 2011, you might know of something called the ‘SmartScreen Filter.’ If not, it’s a tool that Microsoft has built to protect users against known malware and punk URLs, helping to keep the user safe and undamaged.

It’s coming to Windows 8. Fear not, dear reader, you can turn it off. However, we suspect for the average user, SmartScreen in combination with a tighter OS (let’s hope Windows 8 is that OS) and Security Essentials will provide a stable enough computing environment that potential false positives thrown by SmartScreen are worth their annoyance.

This is what the toggle for the feature looks like, courtesy of IStartedSomething:

What is very interesting is the top circled option, to never run an application that has been downloaded from the Internet that SmartScreen does not award the seal of approval. Talk about your strict guidelines. However, again, for the average Joe, this could be a godsend if it helps them dodge crippling viruses.

More as it comes, we are bringing you every good bit of Windows 8 that shakes loose.

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