The NoDo effect: 325% faster app launching for WP7

The NoDo effect: 325% faster app launching for WP7

TNW Quick Hit:

Good news users of Windows Phone 7, the NoDo update, when it finally gets to you, will live up to its promised potential.

One of the most important elements of NoDo is its promised capability to reduce the time that it takes for an app to launch on a WP7 handset. Certain apps, games especially, take far, far too long to launch on even the best of WP7 hardware. Sure, the OS is new, but what users have put up with has been absurd.

Our friends over at WMPowerUser, who have handsets in-house running both NoDo and pre-NoDo versions of WP7, have executed a speed test. The popular game Fruit Ninja, under a NoDo build, now launches a stunning 325% more quickly than it did previously. Check out the clip, it’s quite impressive:

The OS has long needed this performance boost, much more so than copy and paste, although both are more than welcome.

And by way of a public service announcement, as we are entering the period of April Fool’s Day news, don’t trust much of what you hear for the 36 hours. You have been warned.

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