New Windows 8 feature ‘History Vault’ to match Apple’s Time Machine

New Windows 8 feature ‘History Vault’ to match Apple’s Time Machine

We promised to bring you every important Windows 8 leak to cross our bow, and what we have found today is a doozy.

Fans of the OS X operating system are without a doubt familiar with Time Machine, Apple’s popular and well-built backup feature. Everyone who eventually upgrades to Windows 8 will become familiar with the Time Machine concept through a freshly leaked feature for the future OS called ‘History Vault,’ Microsoft’s answer to the well-received Apple product.

According to various sources, History Vault will allow for incremental backup and restore, allowing for a refresh from a certain point in time. It should be noted Windows 7 does include some similar capabilities, but that this sort of automated backup and restore is not possible with a vanilla-install of the OS; software from other companies is required.

According to the above screen shot: “History Vault helps protect your files against accidents that could cause data loss. If an external disk or network attached storage is used, it can even protect your files against disk or entire PC failure.”

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