Windows Home Server 2011 is finished, ready for release

Windows Home Server 2011 is finished, ready for release

TNW Quick Hit:

Less than two weeks ago we brought you the news that Windows Home Server 2011 was mere inches from completion. Today, Microsoft has announced that the final build of Windows Home Server 2011 is complete.

In our last post on the matter, we had March 30th as the date on which Home Sever 2011 would hit RTM (release to manufacturer) status, a deadline that Microsoft beat by a day.

When will the completed software be available for download? If you are a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, you will be able to download it in “early April.” The same time frame was provided for the evaluation version of Home Server 2011.

As we have noted in previous coverage, Windows Home Server 2011, previously codenamed ‘Vail,’ has had something of a controversial past. It’s most loved feature, Drive Extender, was pulled early in its life, and its beta cycle contained unusual drama; following the pre-announced pulling of the Vail beta from the market, Microsoft had to backtrack and allow users to continue to use the software due to complaints.

It is almost time to say adieu to covering and talking about Windows Home Sever 2011, and to start using it. More as it comes.

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