Latest Windows 8 screenshot shows off installation process

Latest Windows 8 screenshot shows off installation process

The Windows 8 screenshot train just keeps on chugging. Sadly, as with most of our previously uncovered Windows 8 images, what we have today is only moderately interesting.

What follows below is an image of someone installing Windows 8. The UI is either excessively sparse, or perhaps unfinished. It is important to remember that Windows 8 is hardly nearing its RC, let alone RTM build.

Take a look:

What can we extrapolate from the shot? According to WinRumors, the image gives further weight to the idea that the ‘Metro’ UI, Microsoft’s current and popular design ethos in use on WP7, will indeed make its way into the Windows 8 world. While we agree with WinRumor’s larger point, we honestly can’t see much Metro in today’s leak. If you can, sound off in the comments.

Windows 8 rumors and images are beginning to swirl more and more rapidly. Today it became known that a build of Windows 8 is in fact being distributed to early testers. We are praying for a leak of that version of the OS, something that Microsoft is surely terrified of, but for the moment, our hope is merely the stuff of dreams. The build in question is build #7971.

As always, we will keep our eyes peeled and bring you anything that moves in the world of Windows 8.

Update: More, via WinReview:

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