Leaked screenshot shows Windows 8’s System Restore and Reset functions

Leaked screenshot shows Windows 8’s System Restore and Reset functions

We love a good Windows 8 leak around these parts, and as it recently became known that Windows 8 will contain a very fast and capable restore/reset function, what we have today is especially interesting. If the following leak is genuine, and we believe that it is, then the image below is of the UI that will be employed by users to both restore and reset their computers. Take a look:

The source for the image is the Chinese website Win7China which has been the genesis point for several other Windows 8 leaks. The source page for the leak is here, if you can read Chinese. It has been rumored that faster reset/restore capabilities in Windows 8 will help the OS lend itself to smaller, more mobile devices that are more often refreshed. If you are hungry for more Windows 8 news, check out our coverage of ‘Aero Lite,’ and be sure to peruse every detail that we have manged to glean from the people building the OS. Windows 8 is set to be, if comments from Microsoft employees hold true, a major refresh of the Windows franchise. Currently leaked screenshots do not yet reflect this shift. As always, more as it comes.

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