Microsoft’s final word on the status of the NoDo WP7 update

Microsoft’s final word on the status of the NoDo WP7 update

We have been covering the NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 for so long now that we almost wish that it would drop so that we can stop talking about it. However, given fresh delays, that moment of truth seems to be far off yet.

Microsoft did the right thing today be releasing charts for both US and International owners of WP7 handsets as to when they can expect to get their hot little hands on the NoDo firmware bump. No, NoDo is not mythical, it actually exists, and you will get it, eventually.

Below are, in the words of Microsoft, the three ‘stages’ that handsets are currently in around the world. Use these to decode the charts that we will embed below.

Stage 1: Testing

The software update is undergoing mobile operator network and quality tests.

Stage 2: Scheduling

Operator testing is complete, and Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 days or less.

Stage 3: Delivering update

Microsoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.

The following chart is for US WP7 handset owners:

And finally, the following chart is for International WP7 handset owners:

That just about sums it up. Over the next few weeks the update will trickle down to the world. We are going to try to use this post to wrap up our coverage of the update unless something drastic happens.

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