Microsoft growing SharePoint by 20,000 users daily

Microsoft growing SharePoint by 20,000 users daily

When TNW sat down with a member of the SharePoint team in January, details about how the product was doing were hard to come by. The team is well coached to stay mum, even after being subjected to my intensive (ha) inquiries.

But today the product group opened up, revealing that Microsoft is currently adding some 20,000 users a day to the platform, surely growing what is already a cash cow for the company.

If you run the daily number out for 365 days, Microsoft is adding some 7.3 million users yearly to the popular business application.

The last time that we checked into SharePoint was when the first service pack for SharePoint 2010 was released.

What is SharePoint? In case you don’t know, and there is no shame in not knowing, SharePoint is a collection of tools that allow a businesses to collaborate, mange content, and execute a number of other server related tasks. In 2009 SharePoint was over a $1 billion dollar business, and we suspect that with its current massive growth it is rapidly nearing $2 billion in yearly revenue.

SharePoint enjoys the distinction of being a popular product with both employers and employees, with a great number of SharePoint groups and meetups in existence across the US where power users come together and exchange best-use tips. We can hardly imagine anything more nerdy.

It feels like Microsoft is taking the wraps off of SharePoint with this announcement, letting its success wave in the wind. Now, we must wait and see if any of SharePoint’s competition respond by releasing some of their own numbers. If they do, and they trump what Microsoft has released, Redmond may regret its decision to open up.

Whatever the case, it appears that SharePoint is on the path to becoming one of Microsoft’s most important products.

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