Bing updates its mobile web app: HTML5 and search tweaks abound

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If you head over to right now you can play with the latest from the Bing mobile team, but you are going to need an HTML5 enabled browser. Yes, that does mean that every WP7 user cannot enjoy Bing’s newest toys until IE9 Mobile launches.

Bing has released several new updates to its mobile web app today that should render its experience faster, and more data rich.

Using HTML5, the Bing team states that the new mobile web app includes “better and faster image search, real-time transit and directions, [and] app search for the iPhone.”

The real time transit information that Bing is discussing is actually not a new feature for Bing, but it is new to its mobile version. You can catch up and read our initial coverage of Bing’s real time transit capabilities here.

Other updates for the mobile web app released today include changes to movie, weather, and shopping search. Each of those categories has been tweaked for faster performance, and simpler navigation to the data that the user is most likely to desire. You can watch Microsoft’s prepared video on the matter here:

All told this is a nice round of updates to Bing’s mobile site, a property that we are not sure is popular or a ghost town. Again, this update will help Bing grow its market share, but it surely won’t sway the Google faithful.

In other news, Bing has expanded its mall directory, something that we have mocked, to now include 148 locations in the US.

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