IE6IFY unleashes the pain of IE6 at your command

IE6IFY unleashes the pain of IE6 at your command

We don’t cover bookmarklets here on TNWmicrosoft often, but we do make exceptions, and for what we have today we will gladly grant a pass. IE6IFY is perhaps the funnest tool that we have played with since the Office 2010 beta, it’s endless entertainment.

What does it do? It renders (at your command) the site that you are visiting as if you were running IE6, inside of your browser, no matter what you are actually using. That is fun, but where IE6IFY becomes more fun is when you run the site that IE6 would render through IE6IFY again. And again. And again.

Let’s just say that IE6 doesn’t even like itself after a few dozen renders.

You can grab the little tool here, be sure and show it to your friends. We took the bookmarklet and broke both TheNextWeb and the HuffingtonPost with it, enjoy.

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