Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9

Today at the SXSW event, Microsoft released its much awaited new browser, Internet Explorer 9. You can download the browser here.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is a radical shift for Microsoft, with a new focus on standards compliance and performance, two things that previous version of Internet Explorer have lacked. IE8, the predecessor to IE9, was a market disappointment because it failed to address those two key areas.

Internet Explorer 9 is built to handle the developing web standard HTML5, something that has put it at odds with certain Microsoft in-house technologies, such as Silverlight. The browser’s year-long development cycle through preview, beta, RC, RTM, and now finally launch, has brought it industry plaudits.

The mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 is expected to launch for Windows Phone 7 later this year, using much of the same rendering technology to ensure a consistent coding experience for developers.

This release date for the browser is exactly one year from when it was first show off by Microsoft, and is in line with predicted launch dates. Be sure and read our previous coverage of IE9, in case you need to catch up.

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