The top 3 demonstrations of the NoDo update for WP7 [Video]

The top 3 demonstrations of the NoDo update for WP7 [Video]

Everyone and their dog in the world of Windows Phone 7 is pining after the now nearly mythical first update to the platform, the NoDo refresh. After delays and set backs, NoDo seems set to finally land in the second half of this month.

That in mind, assuming that you are among the 99% of Windows Phone 7 users who have not managed to get the software onto their handset, we want to show you just what is on the way. Sure, you know that copy/paste is coming, and apps are supposed to launch more quickly, but what does it look like?

We have the answer. After trolling through piles of videos, what follows are our three favorite demonstrations of the NoDo update for you to peruse and enjoy. Get ready!

Here is a full run through of the paces of NoDo, recorded by WMPowerUser:

This video is an excellent overview of the copy/paste functionality in the update, in case you had any lingering questions:

And finally, intrepid testers have found that some bugs in the camera app, this time settings not being remembered by the app, which might carry over to release of NoDo:

There you have it folks, what is coming next for your flashy new handset. Well, not Flashy, but you know what I mean.

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