What happens when you import Paint.exe into an audio program?

What happens when you import Paint.exe into an audio program?

Coming from the cabinet of odd files, we have a ‘song’ that is like nothing you have ever heard before. Well, perhaps if you are a fan of dubstep, but otherwise this will be new to you.

Someone, presumably someone with far too much time on their hands, interpreted Windows 7 x64’s Paint.exe as sound, more or less treating the executable as audio data to produce something that almost resembles a song. That it has some musical elements is inexplicable to us.

We don’t know how to explain what you are about to hear, but we can say with complete confidence that this is the first time that Microsoft Paint has ever sung for you. Take a listen:

Interesting, right? What we want to see next is what happens when a big application is treated this way. Who knows what symphonies Microsoft has been hiding in Office all this time? Going down the size scale, for all we know Minesweeper is the next Moonlight Sonata.

Or this is merely a terrible sound file created in an odd fashion. You decide.

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