Bing teams up with Kayak to bolster travel search results

Bing teams up with Kayak to bolster travel search results

Bing often teams up with other companies to help improve certain areas of its search results. Bing’s partnerships with WolframAlpha, along with both Twitter and Facebook, are strong examples of this.

Today Bing has taken on a new partner, Kayak, to improve its travel search results. Why does this matter? Because Bing is working to gain yet another edge in its war with Google.

The deal with Kayak will specifically cover providing users with “flight search results in the U.S. from multiple cities, airports and airlines.”

This is a theme that we often cover: that Bing is working on a dozen fronts to improve its results and offerings not to lure hardcore Google fans, but instead to woo the uncommitteds. This is what Bing had to say on what the impact for consumers will be: “[the partnership] means Bing Travel is getting more powerful and comprehensive when it comes to helping customers plan and book travel.”

Bing Travel is now a stronger product than it was. Put this deal into the file marked ‘continual improvement.’

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