The first Windows 8 screenshots have leaked

The first Windows 8 screenshots have leaked

We have been hungrily awaiting this moment for a long time. Below are the first screenshots from Windows 8 that we trust. Coming from Win7China, and confirmed by WinRumors, we are nearly certain that what follows is genuine.

Sadly, the images are so tame that we are almost disappointed. Sure, the screenshots are from a Milestone 2 build of Windows 8, numbered 7910.0.winmain_win8m2.110111, implying that what we have is extremely early, but it is still so bland that we are a bit let down.

We begin with a desktop shot that contains a very interesting note from Microsoft, almost ironic as we have it:

Continuing, we have a shot of the Windows 8 taskbar, looking just like the Windows 7 taskbar. The arrow is pointing an icon that implies Windows Live integration, but is nothing new.

Finally, we have a shot of what might be Live Pictures in Windows 8, that seems to contain video options for your account’s image. A small change, and not one that is very compelling. But still, a change.

From the above screenshots Windows 8 looks nothing like the hugely risky product bet that Ballmer has called it. Also, in the above images we don’t see any new wonky UIs that Microsoft might employ to bring the OS to tablets in a more effective manner.

However, now that the seal has broken, let’s hope that there are many more leaks just around the corner.

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