Verizon publishes WP7 support pages ahead of launch

Verizon publishes WP7 support pages ahead of launch

There are a number of support documents now live on the Verizon website that will provide support to future Verizon customers who buy WP7 handsets.

The documents are currently little more than pages that prompt a user to head to a related page on a Microsoft website, where concise instructions can be found, but their posting hints at a potentially rapidly approaching launch date for Windows Phone 7 on Verizon. You can see sample pages here, and here.

It has been confirmed that the first Verizon WP7 handset will be the HTC 7 Trophy, which will cost $200 with a two-year contract. According to WinRumors: “Verizon’s offering will arrive in late March around the same time as Sprint.”

Below is a HTC 7 Trophy running Verizon software:

Verizon as a new provider for the platform represents a massive potential for growth. With both Verizon and Sprint releasing WP7 handsets in the same month, momentum for the WP7 mobile line should receive a palpable boost.

Of course, with the iPhone now on Verizon, the launch of the HTC 7 Trophy on the wireless carrier might not cause a splash, but it will certainly boost the profile of Windows Phone 7 at the second largest wireless provider in the US.

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