Microsoft hosting $40,000 contest to promote HTML5 development

Microsoft hosting $40,000 contest to promote HTML5 development

Microsoft is working hard to ensure that Internet Explorer 9 can handle HTML5 better than any other browser, but that is not enough for Redmond: the company is now giving away tens of thousands of dollars in a contest to promote HTML5 development.

Called ‘Dev Unplugged,’ the Microsoft hosted challenge is for “web developers to push the limits of a modern browser without the use of plug-ins.” Top prize is $9,000, and includes exposure of the winning entry on the popular Microsoft  properties and

The contest has two components: music and gaming. Microsoft has teamed up with the creator of Hellboy, and bands AWOLNATION and Ra Ra Riot to ensure that developers have interesting content to work with.

Why the contest? According to Microsoft: “[w]e believe that HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, finally give developers the tools they need to create experiences that are as vivid, interactive and compelling as anything you have seen in native applications.”

The contest will be decided by a bevy of judges, and votes will be taken from the community to help determine who is best among the selected top 40 submissions. If you want to enter the competition, you can find the schedule and details here.

Why does this matter? It is important for two reasons: it again underscores Microsoft’s deep commitment to HTML5 and standards, and is also yet another slap to the face of Silverlight. As the contest progresses, if there are any stand out entries we will bring them to you.

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