Bing Shopping now supports natural language inputs for simple price filtering

Bing Shopping now supports natural language inputs for simple price filtering

The never-ending innovation war between Bing and Google in the search space took an interesting turn this afternoon as Bing brought to life a new feature for its shopping tool that supports some natural language inputs to assist searchers find products at specific price levels.

Microsoft claims that the capability will “help shoppers find results within their budget.” The tool allows users to search for “laptops under $600,” or anything along similar lines, which will prompt Bing Shopping to only serve results that match the price constraint.

The search that Microsoft is touting is the search for “Air Jordans under $100,” if you want to see their strongest example. This is what that search generates:

The same search on Google Shopping yields the following, a page of results that has shoes that cost over $200:

As with nearly every Bing update that we cover, we have the same feeling about this one: it won’t covert the Google faithful, but it will keep people using Bing content, and might convince a few people who were perhaps search engine agnostic to the Bing fold.

The feature also works with the Bing for Mobile application:

At the mall and wondering if you’re seeing a bargain? Just fire up the Bing for Mobile app on your phone and say “sony digital camera under $120”. Voila, it’s that easy. [TNW: how many people have the app?]

Another week, another quality incremental update from Bing. Are they the cause of Bing’s growing market share?

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