You can now use Bing to stalk celebrities, thanks Microsoft!

You can now use Bing to stalk celebrities, thanks Microsoft!

We understand that Bing needs to differentiate itself from Google to grow, but this time it may have missed the mark.

Bing has worked hard to become, and tell the world, that it is not a poor man’s Google. It has done so by branding itself a decision engine, not a common search tool, and by using dramatic imagery in marked contrast to Google’s white theme. In some cases, Bing is even pushing the envelope of technology. Today’s news is not such a case.

Fresh from the presses is a new Bing announcement that the team has linked up with Zimbio to, get this, stalk celebrities. Yes, with Bing and Zimbio you can find where celebrities currently are and have been, with the data coming from tour schedules and the like.

We aren’t kidding, this is Rihanna’s page on Zimbio:

Bing has done some very neat and interesting things in the past, including creating full walk-throughs of restaurants around the United States. This is not one of their best creations.

I hate to say it, but I can’t see Google ever doing this. Bing has a large number of good things going for it, to tout this is just odd.

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