An update for Windows Phone 7 is live, but it’s not the one you want

An update for Windows Phone 7 is live, but it’s not the one you want

There is good news abounding in the world of Windows Phone 7: an update is finally being let loose to the world. The bad news is that it’s not the update we have been expecting.

No, this update will not include copy and paste, or CDMA support, or faster application loading capabilities. It is instead an update to help with future updates. Yes, you can let out a sigh of disappointment now.

The below screenshots show off what the update looks like:

Let’s talk about when you are going to receive this update, assuming that you indeed own a WP7 device. According to Microsoft:

We’ll begin sending it out today. But to help ensure the process goes smoothly, it won’t be sent to everyone at once. So you might see an update message before your spouse, co-worker, or neighbor (or vice versa). This is a common industry practice. That said, we understand you’re eager to have the latest software on your phone, and our goal is to deliver it to you as quickly as possible.

In other words, the update for updates for the update that is coming before the update you really want (Mango), is on the way. Tell us you’re not excited.

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