Acer to launch Windows Phone 7 handsets in 2011

Acer to launch Windows Phone 7 handsets in 2011

Acer is looking to ready Windows Phone 7 handsets for launch in either September or October this year, according to Pocket-lint.

Back in November, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci remarked that although the company was working on Android, it was also developing Windows Phone 7 devices, delivering the “same opportunity you can see on Android in terms of customisation”.

Today’s confirmation suggests that Acer was looking to see how well Microsoft’s operating system performed when it launched, then deciding to release handsets once Microsoft has shipped its “Mango” Windows Phone 7 update which brings with it a raft of new features.

With Nokia pledging support for Windows Phone 7, Acer could be entering the Windows Phone 7 market at the same time as the Finnish mobile giant, giving it increased visibility but also some stiff competition.

Microsoft will be happy; more OEM’s means more revenue for the company.

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