Consumer interest in Windows Phone 7 appears to be slipping

Consumer interest in Windows Phone 7 appears to be slipping

While Bing is nipping at its heels, no one can deny that Google is the world’s most popular search engine. That lends its search trends extra weight as they are based off of the largest unified database and collection of search data possible.

We monitor the vital signs of Windows Phone 7 around the Internet rather closely. We want to know how every aspect of the new mobile operating system is performing to ensure that we don’t miss anything that needs to be discussed. In that vein, take a look at the current Google search trend graph for Windows Phone 7:

Now, we of course expected some decline after the holiday season, as gift purchasing falls off rather dramatically. Declines in purchasing brings down search numbers as fewer people are looking for a gift to buy, and fewer people are googling their gift to learn how to use it. It is therefore not that Windows Phone 7 is dipping as a search query, but how much, that we find troubling.

Eyeballing the chart, Windows Phone 7 peaked at a rating of 23, and is currently sitting at 9.5. That is a decline of around 59%. Android only dipped 25% in the same time period.

To put it in more normal terms, consumer interest in Windows Phone 7 is showing signs of being puffed up by big Microsoft ad buys and two-for-one sales deals over the Christmas sales season.

Can Microsoft make that chart at least flatten out, if not rise? Can they buy their way out of decline?

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