Bing to run global IPv6 test in June

Bing to run global IPv6 test in June

Bing, a member of the Internet Society (ISOC), will be enabling IPv6 functionality on June 8th, 2011, a date selected to coincide with ‘World IPv6 Day.’

The Microsoft search engine stated that a “complete migration [from IPv4 to 6] will take years.” All of the possible IPv4 addresses have been distributed, pushing forward the cause of IPv6 rapidly.

Unlike with IPv4, the chance of running out of IPv6 addresses is very low. According to the same Bing blog post there are “300 trillion trillion trillion [IPv6] addresses available.” If the world ever reaches that level of need, we suspect that it will not still be using IPv6.

Bing is calling the enabling of IPv6 a “one-day test.” Consumers that can use the new address system will automatically do so, with Bing hoping that the “vast majority of people will never notice the transition.” We have asked Microsoft to clarify whether the test will be repeated or extended, and if the results will be reported.

The blog post went on to enumerate Microsoft’s firm position behind IPv6:

At Microsoft, we have been working towards the promise of a smooth and prudent transition, and teams across the company have been readying our products and services to support IPv6. Many of our products, like Windows and Windows Server, have had robust IPv6 support for years.

When we hear back from Microsoft concerning details about the test, we will update this post.

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