Bing rolls out new image search homepage

Bing rolls out new image search homepage

Bing has released a new image search homepage today that is designed to make the search engine feel more colorful and engaging.

While certain users will find it distracting, on the whole it is a nice addition and element of differentiation for Bing that it can use to draw more distinction between itself and Google. The new page is live now in the US only.

Bing’s new search portal design features 20 square tiled images that represent a “snap-shot of some of the most popular image searches on Bing.” If you click on one, you are brought to the page of search results for that term. We are not sure if the images are selected manually, or by a computer, but if it is the latter expect this page to be gamed.

This is what the squares look like:

While we applaud the idea in general, Bing is after all going directly for the mainstream, mass market search users, we wish that at the current moment they did not feature such a large spider on the page.

What do you think of the new design?

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