Windows Phone 7 now has a homebrew registry editor

Windows Phone 7 now has a homebrew registry editor

We love hacking, and with Microsoft becoming more and more lenient by the day with people tinkering with their platforms, we sincerely hope that the future of homebrew on Windows Phone 7 is bright.

Today, in that vein, we are bringing you news of a registry editor for Windows Phone 7 that should greatly aid anyone interested in developing homebrew games for the WP7 platform.

To be up front, there is a caveat: you do need, as I am sure you suspected, a developer-unlocked device. If you don’t have one, you can scrounge up a copy of ChevronWP7 before the first WP7 update renders it moot.

The registry editor, which was built by Julien Schapman, is called “Registry Editor for Windows Phone 7,” a name that will forever go down in history for its originality. According to the developer the app can “explore and search registry, create/edit/delete registry keys and values.” You can download the .XAP here.

Your humble author is no more a developer than he is a cabbage, so we will stop with the big words for now. If you know what I am talking about, you don’t need us to try to explain it to you. We leave you with screenshots:

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