Windows Phone 7 Now For Sale In Bahrain

Windows Phone 7 Now For Sale In Bahrain

TNW Quick Hit:

If for some odd reason you were not aware of how seriously Microsoft wishes for Windows Phone 7 to become a global success, today’s news will set you straight: WP7 just launched in Bahrain.

Bahrain is a country that is not as well-known as it should be. For short context, the country has fewer than a million residents, but is very rich due to petroleum wealth. The following is a quote from Viva, the carrier in who is bringing WP7 to the island nation:

“We are delighted to be the first operator in Bahrain to deliver the Windows Mobile 7 operating system that utilises the innovations of Microsoft to increase business communications capabilities and maximise the entertainment experience of smartphones.”

Microsoft wants the world to use WP7, and will go everywhere and anywhere to make that happen. In other news, while researching Bahrain for this post, I learned that they are in fact famous for their pearls, if you were not aware.

Right, more as it comes.

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