How to watch Microsoft’s CES keynote live tonight

How to watch Microsoft’s CES keynote live tonight

Tonight is the big night in the world of Microsoft, with hopes for its CES keynote flying higher than ever before. We’ll give you a brief recap of what we should and might see in a moment, but first, we want to let you know how you can follow the whole deal.

We will be covering the whole deal here at TNWmicrosoft, so if you don’t mind catching the news at your leisure, come back tomorrow morning and read at your own pace. We will be blogging the event as it happens, provided that anything of note is announced (virtually guaranteed), so if you follow us on Twitter you will be keyed into the news flow.

However, we suspect that you might also want to watch Ballmer yourself, and for that purpose we have dug up the correct link for the livestream. Microsoft is streaming from their Facebook page, don’t forget that they own part of Zuckerberg’s giant. The correct page is right here. You have to ‘Like’ Microsoft on FB to get access to the part of the page where the livestream will be taking place.

Right, so what are we expecting tonight? The short list is as follows: a piece of Windows 8, endless new Windows tablets, and a CDMA Windows Phone 7 handset. Everything else is too speculative to list. Get ready ladies and gents, tonight is going to be a good night.

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