The Dell Venue Pro will finally land in the UK this January 6th

The Dell Venue Pro will finally land in the UK this January 6th

Microsoft seems determined to keep up the pressure on the Windows Phone 7 front non-stop this holiday season. Today it has become known that the popular and oft delayed Windows Phone 7 handset, the Venue Pro from Dell, is finally coming to the UK.

Happily, for any of my brethren of the ‘special relationship’ your wait is in fact nearly over: the phone will go on sale this January 6th.

Rejoice and harken to my voice, it seems that Dell does at last have its manufacturing house in order, and has solved the technical problems that have hampered the phone. We here in the US ran guinea-pig for your benefit.

All that aside, with now a comfortable 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets sold, and platform momentum continuing to be strong, Microsoft intends to strike while the iron is hot. Right now the phone line is new, and thus intriguing, and that combined with the holiday sales cycle is providing Microsoft a shot to get a first rush of handsets sold to attract the all-important third-party developers.

It is fascinating that the iPhone launched with no app store and no mass-market third-party development, isn’t it?

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