This is what a Windows Phone 7 tablet would look like

This is what a Windows Phone 7 tablet would look like

Here at TNWmicrosoft, we don’t find that Windows 7 makes for a very good slate operating system. Why? because whenever we try and use our convertible laptops for that purpose it’s nigh impossible to get anything done.

That said, the idea of a Windows Phone 7 tablet, a slate computer running the new MSFT mobile OS sounds very appealing. It could be, if we may posit, one of the most interesting mobile developments in years.

And so when we came across a demonstration of what a hacked version of WP7 looks like on a large tablet interface, we were hoping to drool. And drool we did. The demonstration, watch the video below, is perfect, except that the main menu does not scale across the tablet. The applications do, however.

Microsoft’s next crop of tablets is set to fail, but if they built one of these, they would have me as their first customer.

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