Are HTML 5 and Silverlight support on the way for Windows Phone 7?

Are HTML 5 and Silverlight support on the way for Windows Phone 7?

The word around the blogosphere is that we may have the update schedule for Windows Phone 7 slightly wrong, it could be that the big update that we are all waiting for will becoming later than expected.

Yes, that means that we are perhaps not going to see the large February release that we were all hoping for. On the other hand, if what ZDNet was told holds true, August or September should be very rewarding for everyone holding a WP7 handset.

The release, supposedly called ‘Mango’ will, in the words of Mary-Jo Foley be “more like a Windows Phone OS 7.5 — and may even be named that when it debuts.” What will it bring? Silverlight and HTML 5 support along with the ability to manage Far-Eastern languages.

Both of those capabilities would be strengths for the phone line, if perhaps we would prefer a working Flash build.

What can we take from this? That Microsoft is barreling full speed ahead with  Windows Phone 7, that the phone platform is here to stay, and that Microsoft continues to dump money into the project.

We will try to confirm what we can, but we can already tell you what Microsoft will say: “We do not comment on rumor and speculation.”

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