Bing had a huge Cyber Monday, can you guess the most searched for term?

Bing had a huge Cyber Monday, can you guess the most searched for term?

Bing had a big, big Cyber Monday, with search traffic up a sharp 40% over 2009. While that does show that consumers are increasingly turning to both the internet for shopping deals, and to Bing to help them find them, it is not overly surprising that as the popularity of Cyber Monday grows, so does search traffic.

The juicy information is of course just what people searched for, right? Everyone wants to know just what items are hot, which are not, and what dark horses are to be found. We won’t keep you waiting, these were the most searched for terms this Cyber Monday on Bing Shopping:

  • Cyber Monday Deals
  • Xbox Kinect
  • Wii
  • Kindle
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Nintendo DS

Do any of those surprise you? Perhaps what is odd is how low the iPad is in the rankings, to be frank I anticipated it having a top 3 finish, but it lost even to the generic ‘laptop’ and the ever popular Kindle.

That no smart phone made the list is sure to raise some eyebrows, especially among investors who were perhaps expecting this holiday season to be a real barnstormer in terms of phones shipped. Whatever the case, the Kinect remains as hot as we left it last, when it was moving 100,000 units a day around the world. It was the most searched for actual product, losing to the generic deal search.

What item did you buy that did not make the list?

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