The TNW Microsoft Week: We go Kinect and Windows Phone 7 crazy

The TNW Microsoft Week: We go Kinect and Windows Phone 7 crazy

Somehow, someway, another week has slipped through our fingers and it is time yet again to look back over the last seven days and talk about the biggest stories. We are getting this out to you a little later than usual so we are going to keep it brief.

Without further ado, the best and biggest from TNWmicrosoft for your perusal.

You get a Kinect, you get a Kinect, you all get a Kinect!

Guess what? The Kinect is selling well, and Microsoft could not be happier. They are so happy in fact that they took the time to reaffirm their 5 million unit figure estimate for 2010 sales.

In fact, in the first 10 days of Kinect’s release the gizmo sold more than a cool million units. Yeah, that is more than 100,000 Kinects moved a day before it was available in all parts of the world. We can call it a hit now, right?

Even more, people are really taking their Kinects and hacking them for rather wonderful purposes. Microsoft is not happy, but can’t really do much about it.

Windows Phone 7 is still a big deal

It was another big week for Windows Phone 7, with the phones staying in the press line throughout the week.

We took the time to put together a guide for people looking to get into Windows Phone 7 development, providing tools and resources for developers who need to expand into the platform.

What else happened? Well, the Windows Phone 7 application Marketplace has already doubled in size this month. Either our guide was perfect or there has long been developer momentum behind the phones. You decide.

Microsoft ads are amazing, no, wait!

We ran into an amazing ad from Microsoft that was astounding. In fact, it was so special we wrote a whole post extolling it. It turns out the idea that we loved is as stale as last month’s bread.

We had to back track on our adulations after watchful and well YouTube’d readers emailed in clips from earlier months and even years that had used the same concept as the Microsoft ad. After we wiped the grin off of our face we had to say that Microsoft had done a good job with a tired premise, but retracted most of our praise.

IE9 brings the controversy

The Internet Explorer team dropped the 7th developer preview of IE9 this week, and they made some damn bold claims about just what it could do. You see, Microsoft stated that their new IE build was the fastest online.

The internet did not take too kindly too that idea, going as far to say that Microsoft was rigging the tests. Whatever the case, the fact that IE9 was finally good enough to compete with the rest of the crowd on speed was surprise enough for us.

We will as always be covering Microsoft with oddly sharp precision, so stay tuned.

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