A better way to search for Windows Phone 7 apps

A better way to search for Windows Phone 7 apps

Just a bit ago we brought you a very neat and visual way to use Bing to hunt for Windows Phone 7 applications that had a single small problem: there was no way to really search for a specific individual application.

Bing will sort, arrange, and let you scroll through applications, but you can’t search for a single application with any real precision. Enter a frustrated man who took the time to build a solution for all the WP7 users out there, please say hello to MarketplaceBrowser.com.

Paul Willen built MarketplaceBrowser because, in his words, “the search in both the Zune-software and on the Phone isn’t very user-friendly.” Agreed, and so he plugged that market hole himself.

The app is itself a very basic search engine that has compiled information on the several thousand WP7 applications in circulation, allowing you to find the exact app you are looking for, not just the Top 25 free apps as Bing will let you.

Oh, and MarketplaceBrowser keeps a list of the top 100 most popular applications. Once competition heats up for the platform that page will become a battleground.

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